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Mr. Adolpho R. Telles, Chairman


To Purchase Tickets:


• COUPLE TICKETS (2) $100.00

Come by El Paso County Republican Headquarters
120 Paragon Lane, Ste. 220 (rear). 
Our office is open Monday – Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for ticket sales.

Or call: EP GOP HQ Office – Lincoln Day Dinner Line: (915) 400-4653.

Tickets must be RESERVED AND PAID FOR by February 16, 2017

(Absolutely No Walk-ins)

Senator Cruz is attending as the keynote speaker and is not soliciting funds in connection with this event.

Charity Begins at Home! -Donate

                El Paso County Republican Party                

 Republican Party of Texas

Both the RPT and the EPGOP need funds to operate and elect Republicans in El Paso County and all across Texas. This is an excellent way to support both Republican organizations with a single monthly contribution.

The Grassroots Club is a unique fundraising plan which will help Texas remain solidly Republican red and El Paso County elect Republican officials in upcoming election cycles. Its basic cost is $8.25 per month charged to your credit or debit card. Additionally, the Grassroots Club now includes a partnership with the El Paso County Republican Party (EPGOP) so that any monthly donation exceeding $8.25 per month and $99 per year will be donated to the EPGOP.

Some of our most popular benefits include being removed from future RPT fundraising mail and call lists and receiving invitations to exclusive events at the State Convention.

Below is a list of other benefits you will receive if you select one of the following options:

$16.50 per month – Receive a special Republican lapel pin!

$198.00 paid once a year- Receive a special Republican lapel pin and a EPGOP Grassroots Club shirt!

Click here to sign up today!



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Adolpho R. Telles, El Paso County Republican Party Chairman